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What can a property finder do for me?

In fast-moving and very slow markets, buying agents give you an edge because they very often have advance notice of properties likely to become available. The clients of buying agents always have additional credibility as serious purchasers.


What do I get for my money if I use a search agent?

Agents usually charge from one to three per cent of the purchase price, with a payment upfront. They search out possible properties, view them, discard the unsuitable, show you the best, then advise on price and negotiate for you.


Why would I use a property finder rather than an estate agent?

Estate agents represent sellers and want to achieve the highest possible price for them. A property finder/search agent represents the buyer and in addition to finding the right property, another measure of their success is achieving the lowest possible price for you.


Why wouldn't I just search online to find a property myself?

With the demands of families and jobs, you simply may not have the time for constant online searches which may often be out of date by the time you approach agencies for details.


Apart from saving me time and effort, are there other advantages of using a search agent?

Here's an example. You may be restricted to seeing properties at evenings and weekends. This could give a different picture than a viewing carried out on week days during peak hours. There may be a marked difference in traffic flows, noise levels or other factors that may not be apparent when you are available to view a property.


How can I be sure I get a good deal if search agents work for a percentage of what I pay for a property?

Property finders must work to codes of practice laid down by The Property Ombudsman, and must be indemnified to cover compensation if the ombudsman decides you are entitled to it. The guidelines are very clear on representing the value of a property, and remember, a search agent’s success depends entirely on you being satisfied that you have paid a fair or good price for the property you want.


So how do search agents make sure I pay a fair price?

Property finders keep abreast of market trends wherever they operate. As part of their service to you, they will thoroughly research properties and area information before reporting back to you with advice on what price to offer.



NOTE: the terms property search agent, property finder, property buying agent, property sourcing agent and relocation agent are often used interchangeably


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Property finding services - questions and answers