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October 2017


Six property mistakes that put buyers off. The Mail Online


Weighing up selling or renting out an inherited property. The Guardian


Record numbers of renters are leaving London for these areas.. The Telegraph


Niche websites for extraordinary properties. The Mail Online


September 2017


Could shared ownership help you onto and up the property ladder? Evening Standard


Will the new buy to let lending rules affect you? The Express


House prices now more affordable than in 2007 in some areas. The Guardian


Property prices are still rising by 5% a year. East Mids is the new hotspot. The Mail Online


August 2017


The number of household building basements soars. The Guardian


Ownership of second properties up 30% since 2000. The Guardian


The UK town with average house prices of 70k, and nine other affordable areas. The Telegraph


Retirement developments: make friends and stay active. The Express



July 2017


Leasehold houses and the ground rent scandal. The Guardian


Property or pension? Double returns on pensions predicted. This is Money


Spedulated crash could see 70k price drops. The Express


Areas with six-fold growth over 20 years. The Telegraph 



June 2017


Buy to let property sales drop by almost 50% in a year. The Guardian


Property prices rise despite slowdown fears. The Mail Online


Get your offer accepted and beat the competition without offering more than them. The Mail Online


Lenders in crackdown on 'secret' buy to lets. The Telegraph


May 2017


Best buy to let mortgage deals. The Telegraph


Put buy to lets into a limited company to save tax? This is MONEY


Can you guess the price of these house for sale? The Mail Online


Smaller deposits raise hopes for first time buyers. The Guardian


April 2017


New buy to let tax - how it works, how to beat it. The Telegraph


How much below the asking price should you offer? The Mail Online


House prices can keep rising only with Goverment backing mass buy to let according to academics. The Telegraph


Top tips for using online-only estate agents. This is MONEY


March 2017


Highest house price growth in Manchester. London in 10th place. The Mail Online


Advice: selling unprofitable London buy to lets. Alternative property investment strategies? This is MONEY


The slowest regional UK property markets. The Mail Online


The 100% mortgage is back - for students with relative's savings or homes as security. This is MONEY


February 2017


Bank promises to pay first time buyers'  stamp duty - what's the catch? The Telegraph


Cash buyers make up a record 60% of buy to let purchases. This is MONEY


The most and least affordable uk cities for buying a home. The Mail Online


Getting on the property ladder. Up front costs for first time buyers. The Mail Online


January 2017


Estate owners building new towns on their land. The Telegraph 


Beware conveyancing scams. Buyer lost £67,000. The Guardian


Towns where house price rises cover your commuting costs in days. The Mail Online


Buy to let mortgage rates set to fall for ordinary landlords, but not for professionals. This is MONEY



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