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When you contact BestPADS about finding somewhere for your business, we’ll discuss factors like location and its impact on your staffing, suppliers and customers, and what facilities and resources your business needs.


We’ll establish whether your business would benefit from a shared or serviced space, or should be close to complementary operations.


Before the search begins we’ll also talk through your future plans for your business to ensure you’re provided with options which can adapt to accommodate your business changes or growth.


When it comes to your financing options, we’ll consider mortgaging, leasing, licensing and payment preferences.


BestPADS can help with negotiating terms such as break clauses, rent free periods or any other aspects to ensure a favourable deal is reached on your behalf.


Get in touch for more information or to talk things through,

Whether you’re a small or large business, looking for a shop, office space or warehouse, BestPADS can help. If you’re starting up, growing or relocating to a new area, let BestPADS look for a new home for your restaurant or snack bar, salon, studio, guest house or any type of premises you need for your business. BestPADS can handle kitting out your new premises too.


If you choose, BestPADS can source everything you need for your commercial space. From flexible and reliable IT and telephony solutions to storage and display equipment. We’ll work together to carefully plan your fit-out in order to keep costs to a minimum.  

Commercial property finding

Making it fit for purpose

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