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With recent regulation adding much needed respectability to a new growth in buyer focused property agency, you can expect good representation from any property sourcing agency.


What you’ll get from BestPADS is a service built on a lifelong passion for property, backed up by a keen and constant eye on all aspects of the UK property market. The encyclopaedic knowledge acquired from this avid interest, can be translated into affordable, profitable property solutions that are perfectly tailored to you.




Me and my services

BestPADS comes to the market with a fresh approach to property finding; eliminating the red tape and jargon to make the buying process as simple and clear as possible.


With a background in the public sector (housing and communications), you’re guaranteed an approach based on service provision and achieving customer satisfaction rather than one which is primarily profit driven.


BestPADS will work to a flexible but water tight contract which protects your interests and offers compete transparency in its commitment to achieving your property goals, whatever they might be.


The service is offered with absolutely no limits on property acquisition in terms of property type, UK location or budget.


Get in touch for more information or to talk things through.


BestPADS is completely independent and works solely on the buying and buyers’ side of property deals and negotiations.


With BestPADS, you save yourself valuable time and laborious effort and gain a stronger position in the buying market with:

  • access to properties before they come to market

  • access to buying opportunities with property developers looking to sell

  • strong representation of you as a serious buyer to multiple estate agencies

  • thorough research of properties and locations to ensure that both fully suit your current and future requirements

  • as much input as you require to move your property purchase from offer to completion

Why use BestPADS

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